It is not easy to find foods that every single one of my kids, my husband and I can all equally enjoy. When Abby started making her pesto, it very, very quickly became a family neighborhood favorite.

    No Baby girl kiddish, or pot luck meal is complete with a few huge bowls of her incredible pesto pasta. Come Purim time and everyone counts on her pesto pasta shalach manor to include in their seudah or to feed it to their families to help balance out the candy overload.

    I think the secret to this recipe is that it is simple in its ingredients. There are no nuts or cheese, which means nothing to distract from the pure basil flavor. It also helps to keep the consistency super duper smooth, which we all know is a huge plus in the world of feeding picky eaters children.

    This recipe is massive. It will yield a little over a quart. If you don’t want so much you can easily halve it, but then just know, that I may think you’re nuts. Why on earth would you want to make something as freezer friendly as pesto more than once in a while? There is no reason for that!!! Make this huge batch and freeze the rest in small containers.

    Pesto is so versatile, you can use it on your pasta, spread it on a sandwich, marinate your chicken in it, or use it as a salad dressing. The possibilities are endless which means having a freezer stocked with pesto will only make your life easier.






    1. 5 cups packed basil leaves (4 oz)
    2. 20 cloves of garlic, peeled
    3. 1&1/2 tsp sugar
    4. 5 tsp salt
    5. 2&1/2 tsp pepper
    6. 1&3/4 cup olive oil
    7. 2 cups canola oil
    8. cooked pasta (Abby always uses mini shells, so thats what I use!)


    1. Put everything into a blender or food processors and juzz until smooth.
    2. Refrigerate until serving.


    1. *this recipe is huge. It makes a little over a quart of pesto. Use what you need for whatever you are making and freeze the rest in small containers.
    2. * To make the pasta in advance, cook pasta according to the directions, then drain and drizzle a ver small amount of canola oil over them. This will help prevent sticking! To serve, just take pesto and pasta out of the fridge and allow both to come to room temperature. Toss pesto with pasta just before serving.

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