I don’t really have a ton of time to type up a whole story for you today since I’m running out to do a huge demo tonight. I could not, however, let a Sunday go by with out sharing this recipe with you.

Summer Sundays are all about the family/friends bbq. People you love, beer, chips + salsa, grilled veggies and lots and lots of delicious proteins  are all essential ingredients to a successful bbq. So I’m making the protiens portion of that super simple for you….

Make these.

They are incredibly easy to make, fast to grill up which leaves space on your bbq for the chicken wings that take forever, and they are craaaaaaazy delicious. 

Serve it together with the scallion salad, which you can totally prep in the morning, and WOAH, you just made the best bbq ever!

If your like me and think everything tastes better in taco, ready the recipe to see how to make that happen. Just don’t forget to char those taco shells on the grill before filling ’em!

Happy Sunday everyone!

For the printable Korean Bbq Skirt Steak recipe click here

For the printable Scallion Salad recipe click here


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