November 23, 2020

Corrections + Additions to the Book!

It’s taken me a while to write this post for a few reasons. Firstly, because I had to gather the information and secondly because its actually quite painful to write! Unfortunately in all the back and forth between printing houses that kept getting shut down, due to corona, the wrong manuscript was sent to the final printer. Baruch HaShem it was only the third or second to last copy that was sent so the mistakes were extremely minimal at that point but still they are there! With tremendous blessings from the One Above, the book went into reprint so fast and so many times that we were not even able to correct some of these mistakes until the 5th or 6th printings!

Therefore any one of you that has the book up until now will most likely need to make these corrections on your pages.

At first I was distraught about this. I’m a perfectionist at heart and I was so upset by the errors that were printed. My guess is that this manuscript was read by myself and multiple editors well over 1,000 times before it went to print and most likely, that number is modest. If im being real with myself, I’m still not over it. I’ve just come to a place where I realize nothing is perfect and after to speaking so many other authors, cookbook and non-cookbook, I realize its just apart of the process. Lucky for me I only have to go through this once since like I keep saying even though no one believes me, this is a one and done!!!!

So get out your pens and books and lets do this together. If I mention a correction and you do not see it in your book then that means you got a later printing and can simply just skip it!

A few of the mistakes, are not really anything that effects the recipes, just bits of more information I wanted you to have! So Don’t get nervous if you see a recipe that you’ve already made and in fact, liked!

I hope this helps and of course, I apologize for any inconvenience that any mistake caused you!


PG 34- SALADE CUITE: chapter 1

10.5 lbs fresh tomatoes – should be 6, 54 oz cans (which is the same except cans usually come in 54 oz weights so this saves you the math!)

Add a note: alternatively you can use 20 large or 30 medium fresh tomatoes. Use a “thin skin” peeler to peel them. Then dice them. Throw them in the pan after the garlic slightly cooks and continue the recipe from there!

PG 76- Modernized Skirt Steak salad- chapter 2

Just a page reference typo!

pickled onions say pg 22.

Should say pg 26

PG 224- 15 MIN PREP CHILI: chapter 6

Remove second salt measurement


Fix 3rd paragraph.

Should say:

Place eggs in one bowl and flour in another.

Dip each stuffed artichoke first in flour then in the egg.

Return to sheet pan.

PG 266- Stove top brisket: chapter 6

I cook this low and slow uncovered (mostly because always make this for the pesach seder and the pot I use doesn’t have a lid!). Some people want their brisket to be more liquid-y. If that’s you, add the following to your book:

cover the pot (5th to last line)

PG 392- Moroccan short bread cookies: chapter 6

Add flour mixture

After 4th paragraph

PG 398 Peppermint Marshmallows: chapter 9

The addition the regular sugar was left out.

Paragraph 3, first line should read: “Combine remaining 1/2 cup water, remaining 1 cup powdered sugar, sugar, corn syrup…”

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