Best Crab Cakes Ever Recipe + Video

No joke. The best crab cakes EVER. They are not loaded with a ton of vegetables or potatoes (no, potatoes don’t count as a veg). These are all about the crab. Bout’ that crab, bout’ that crab….

These crab cakes actually take a few days to make, but not because they’re difficult. Because the binder is an egg mixture that gets better and better as it sits in the fridge. It’s been so many years that I have been making them, that I don’t even remember where I originally saw this method of making the egg mixture and letting it sit and marinate with the other flavors. Who ever came up with it though, is a freakin genius! The egg mixture binds the crab perfectly with out the need for any fillers.

Overtime, I’ve adjusted and simplified what goes into the crab cakes, because I wanted to keep the flavors as clean as possible. The onion and the cayenne totally enhance the crab with out overpowering its natural sweetness. And the saltines, let’s talk about them for a second. 

Saltines are perfect. The texture is crunchy but soft and they are the exact right balance of sweet and salty. They’re basically the best cracker ever. So, if you’re going to be making the best crab cakes ever, it’s only right that you pulverize the saltines and turn them into the best breadcrumbs ever. 

These are also completely freezer friendly. They defrost quickly and reheat beautifully. I like to freeze them on a sheet pan in a single layer and then put them into a ziplock bag. There is no other pre-made fish that i would consider freezer friendly but, these really do hold up. So, before the holidays this year, make a huge batch and breathe a little bit easier knowing that you have something in the freezer waiting to help you get through the 30 day cookfest that is rapidly approaching.

To see the full video click here

Click here for the printable crab cake recipe

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