I do not like hone cake and I am not sorry. I just don’t think they ever taste good. The truth is I like honey in the right amounts and when used in the right way but a bunch of honey mixed with some eggs and flours is just not what I want to eat at the end of a big meal. 

I want something light, and moist with just the right amount of sweetness. In fact, my favorite way too end a big meal is with a giant bowl-mug of steaming hot water mixed with a fresh piece of turmeric, ginger, a squeeze of lemon and a drop of honey. 

So thats what I did here. I put all those ingredients (minus the ginger because I did not want a spice cake) into cake form. 

If your looking for a proper traditional honey cake for the holidays, keep clicking. Because this is not that. If you do not like honey cake though but would like a cake that has a decent amount t of honey in it so you can be “yotzei” with the tradition of honey cake like me then DEFINITELY make this!

Aright no time to really sit and chat because the girls are still home so I gotta run and give baths. 

Happy cooking all!

For the printable Golden Lemon Honey Cake recipe click here


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