5 EASY MARINADES, 1 HOUR – stock your freezer with 5 premartinated proteins in no time! PART 2



Part 2 of stocking your freezer does not just come with 2 simple meat recipes. It comes with an added bonus of an extremely time appropriate salad for you to serve the brick roast with. 

Why did I that? Because you all rock!

The truth is that I felt like when you buy a brick roast and have it butterflied you walk away with 2 pieces of meat. I wanted you to be able to serviette meat once on its own, because it’s that good and then once again in a different, dressed up, still exciting way. 

These holidays are all about food and having repetitive meals is a huge no-no for me. Of course there are always a few staple like chicken soup, schnitzel and potato kugel, but everything else has got to be original or I’m basically just forcing myself to eat!

So here you go. Today’s recipes are:

  • Easy Korean Ribs
  • Butterflied Brick Roast
  • Steak Salad with Pomegranate Vinaigrette + Chimmichurri

If you followed the this post and the last post you should now have 6 perfectly marinaded cuts of meat that just need to be simply thrown into an oven or on a grill! All you have left to do is, well, everything else. But at least the meat is off your head! 

For the printable Easy Korean Ribs click here

For the printable Butterflied Brick Roast click here

For the printable Steak Salad with Pomegranate Vinaigrette + Chimmichurri  click here


5 EASY MARINADES, 1 HOUR – stock your freezer with 5 premartinated proteins in no time! PART 1


“Stocking your freezer is easy to do. Stocking your freezer the RIGHT WAY, is an art form.” -Me

Ok, so thats not a deeply profound quote that I suspect anyone will ever repeat, but I don’t think it’s a super important and helpful tip for the upcoming holiday season!

It’s super imoprtant to know what to freeze and what not to freezer. Especially when it come to protein. Don’t freeze a cooked steak. It will not be delicious. No matter how you freeze it, or how you defrost it. Do not freeze a cooked standing rib roast. I know there are some who do, but I’m against it. A giant hunk of meat, not covered in sauce, will take for ever to defrost and by the time it does the meat will have a weird freezer-y (yup, its a word) taste!

Here’s what you should freeze:

  • Raw proteins that are pre-marinaded. 

Why? Because in this situation the freezing will actually enhance the quality of the meat. The marinade will penetrate the protein in a much more flavor inducing way and all you have to do when you want to eat is defrost and follow the cooking instructions!

  • Proteins that are braised. 

Why? Something about the liquids it cooks in keeps the meats very soft and very tender even after defrosting and reheating. There sone key rule to braising though. The protein must NOT be removed from the cooking liquids until it has completely cooled. That means no touching. At all! The eat will completely dry out. During the cooling process the meat will reabsorb a lot of those cooking juices and if you take it out it won’t have any juicy goodness to soak up.

  • Cakes and cookies!

Why? No idea but they freeze and defrost beautifully. I actually find that some cakes taste better after they’ve defrosted from the freezer. My only rule with freezing baked goods is that they must be left whole. No cutting a cake in half. Sorry! Wrap the baked goods in a few layers of saran wrap and then foil to keep them safely away from any possible freezer burn. 

For part 1 of these5 easy marinades I’m giving you 3 recipes. 


Miso + Apricot Roasted Turkey Breast 

Garlic + Rosemary Lamb Shoulder


Duck Fat Roasted Breast Of Veal

All of these can be marinaded in minutes and cooked up fresh,  simply and easily!


For the Miso + Apricot Roasted Turkey Breast recipe, click here

For the Garlic + Rosemary Lamb Shoulder recipe, click here

For the Duck Fat Roasted Breast Of Veal recipe, click here



Everything about this is write. The fish swap for beef. The citrusy but slightly smokey crema. The crunchy pickled onions. It actually screams summer. 

Make these for dinner, only double the recipe. Because the next day, when your digging your feet not the sand, breathing in the salty air, THIS is what you’ll be craving. 

Happy Summer Everyone!



For the printable Salmon Burger recipe click here

For the printable Chipotle Lime Crema recipe click here

For the printable Sumac Pickled Onions recipe click here








The flavors of this chicken are all I need in the summer. 

Super bright from the lemon, just a touch of sweetness to balance out the acidity and lots and lots of garlic because, well, chicken and garlic are best friends forever. 

I included a bunch of different variations based on different cuts of chickens you may have in your house so that you can easily make this today. Or tomorrow. Or today AND tomorrow. 

Wait, also, I’m going to include links to the chimmi-schug pesto recipe and techie recipe. Why? Just because. 

Happy Monday Everyone!



For the printable Lemon, Maple & Garlic Chicken click here

For the printable Chimmi-Schug Pesto click here

For the printable Techina recipe click here



Sometime, a picture just says it all.

Texture, color, taste… They’re all there. 

The recipe is big because one serving of this salad will never be enough. There’s even dressing to make a half batch of salad next week, when you can’t get these flavors out of your head.

You’re welcome. 

Also, because I know you love links, click here to buy the julienne peeler I use on amazon!

For the printable Spiralized Zucchini Salad recipe click here




I don’t really have a ton of time to type up a whole story for you today since I’m running out to do a huge demo tonight. I could not, however, let a Sunday go by with out sharing this recipe with you.

Summer Sundays are all about the family/friends bbq. People you love, beer, chips + salsa, grilled veggies and lots and lots of delicious proteins  are all essential ingredients to a successful bbq. So I’m making the protiens portion of that super simple for you….

Make these.

They are incredibly easy to make, fast to grill up which leaves space on your bbq for the chicken wings that take forever, and they are craaaaaaazy delicious. 

Serve it together with the scallion salad, which you can totally prep in the morning, and WOAH, you just made the best bbq ever!

If your like me and think everything tastes better in taco, ready the recipe to see how to make that happen. Just don’t forget to char those taco shells on the grill before filling ’em!

Happy Sunday everyone!

For the printable Korean Bbq Skirt Steak recipe click here

For the printable Scallion Salad recipe click here



Falafel balls do NOT make any sense to me. The tiny little round, crispy on the outside, soft on the inside, although incredibly delicious, just don’t belong inside a flat disc shaped pita. 

More often than night you go to the stand to pick up a falafel. By the time they’ve finished assembling it, the falafel is buried on the bottom of the pita with all the salads and accoutrements piled on top. They stuff one two balls on top of the salad pile so that your first few bites of the pita actually contains what you went to the stand in the first place…FALAFEL. A few bites in though, what was once an on-the-go quick meal becomes a whole project of playing Tetris with your sandwich so that you can attempt to get a little of everything in your pita in your mouth at the same time!

Clearly this falafel debacle needed some trouble shooting. What if the balls were not balls at all? What if they could 1/3 inch thick, flat patties that got crispy on the outsides and stayed soft on the insides? What if, instead of discs, we created half circle shapes so that each falafel could fit perfectly into half a pita? So, I thought a lot about it and came up with a better way to make and falafels.

Somewhere along the way my vision of falafel also became significantly healthier. The balls are no longer deep fried, but rather baked on a preheated super hot sheet pan (a real sheet pan, no disposable pans here)! On a whim I decided to completely leave out flour and egg. Although not all falafel recipes call for them, I haven’t see too many that left out both. I was so pleasantly suprised when my falafels came out of the oven and totally hep their shape. 

I now had a gluten free, vegan, clean falafel recipe that was easy to make, crispy on the outside and made perfect mathematical sense when I stuck it in the pita!

All that was left to do was to test it out on my kids. They are tough critics on a regular day, but throw a super traditional Israeli food at my Israeli children and they turn into New York Times style critics. No remorse. Needless to say, I was nervous. 

They walked in the door so what was happening and asked for a falafel. I did not utter a single worked as I filled the pita. They watched, curiously as I added all their usuals and the falafel inside of their sandwich. I handed the first one over to Meir, and held my brother and started as he said his bracha and dove in. I could see the wheels turning in his head. Then all of a sudden, mouth still full of food, he said “Maman, this is BRILLIANT.” That’s right. He was on board. One by one the rest of the children trickled into the kitchen and every single one of them ate their falafels. Some noticed the change, some didn’t. But all that matter is that they all finished their whole thing, MESS FREE!

This shape lends itself to the busy person. It’s much easier to put a bunch patties on a sheet pan and half 35 minutes to get other things done than to stand over a hot pot, frying up tons of falafel balls. It also creates a neater pita. There’s no rearranging, or searching for that perfect bite. EVERY BITE IS PERFECT ALREADY! Your hands and shirts stay cleaner and your belly extremely satisfied. 

So, this summer, when your looking for a light lunch or dinner try these out. 

Happy Cooking Everyone!



For the printable Falafel recipe click here

For the printable Techina recipe click here

For the printable Chimmi-schug pesto recipe click here

For the printable Sumac Pickled Onions Recipe click here




I’m that person. You know, the one pretending to go wash my hands in a restaurant so that I can not so subtly look at whats on everyones tables. Or the one who walks by people sitting at a sidewalk table outside of a little pastaria in Italy and asks them what their eating because the smell coming off there table is so intoxicating that I just can’t resist. 

I’m Danielle, I love food. Nice to meet you. 

 We were lucky enough to spend this past in southern Italy with Miriam Schreiber on one of her legendary Legacy Tours trips. My children had the most amazing time touring ancient cities, volcanoes and roman ruins. I had the most amazing time staring at peoples plates. Every where we went there were little hole-in-wall restaurants/cafes serving the most simple looking, but ridiculously incredible smelling food. Obviously I had to stop and ask every single table of patrons we passed and ask them what they were eating. 

There were a few dishes that stood out in my mind that I knew I had to recreate. I had to wait for the perfect opportunity though to spring these recipes on you all. Some are a little too labor intensive for a regular dairy week night dinner. But, for Shavuous, a holiday that we are willing to go the extra step for to create a beautiful dairy kiddish or meal, is the perfect opportunity! 

You’ll have to wait a little longer for a few of the other dishes that MUST be recreated, but I wanted to start you off with a BANG. 

These olives were on sooooo many peoples tables. Usually, served as a small appetizer over a fresh, house made tomato sauce that was probably made from San Marzano tomatoes pick the day before!

We may not have fresh San Marzano tomatoes but we all have access to cheese, olives and breadcrumbs!

Do not miss the chance to make these olives. This is definitely not a recipe that you’ll try later.. You need to make these while the shavuous cooking feels are in the air! They take a few extra minutes to make but I included prep ahead instructions into the recipes!

Also, because I was so obsessed with them, and genuinely could not decided which h version of the olives I liked more (the green mozzarella stuffed or the kalamata labaneh stuffed), I included both recipes! I even included 2 different ways you can serve them! 

Oh, and BONUS, another awesome salad dressing!

Wishing you all a Happy Monday and of course, HAPPY COOKING!

✌🏻💜 & 🥕,



For the printable LABANE STUFFED FRIED KALAMTA OLIVES click here


For the printable BALSAMIC AND SHALLOT VINAIGRETTE click here



Seder food can be a challenge. It’s not easy to work hard to make food that you know will end ups mostly being served as leftovers. By the time it comes time to eat the meal, everyone is so stuffed up on matzah that after they gulp down their chicken soup everyones appetites have seriously decreased. 

So, I like to make food that reheats well, since thats where most oil the food is headed. Brisket is the perfect candidate for that. It’s naturally fatty which protects the meat from drying out.

This version is something I developed for the seder since it is cooked totally in a pot. Nothing roasted at all! For me, this is all I want at the seder. Something deeply savory to balance out all the wine!

It’s super simple to make and reallllly delicious! Plus, the leftovers are amazing! Just reheat covered and serve again over fresh creamy mashed potatoes! 

Happy cooking everyone!

For the printable Savory Stovetop Brisket click here