Kitchen Destination: Israel


Once upon a time, when I was a little girl playing house, I would day dream about all the fun things I would do with/for my children. Have a room where they could color and paint the walls, make jello and let them drink the hot “jello juice” like tea, bring them to different parks all the time, let them miss school as they needed and allow them to explore and learn about our amazing world in any way they wanted.

IMG_3523Then I had kids.

I don’t have a room, or even a wall for that matter, where they can color or paint on. I let them each have a spoon (or two if I’m feeling it) of the yummy “jello juice”. We go to different parks IF the weather permits, no one is sick, we have time, the baby is not cranky, the food shopping is done, and mostly, if I’m in the mood. They are allowed to miss school only once in a while (and I need at least two weeks to recover from having “nobody home besides me” taken away!). The one thing that I was able to follow through on was letting them explore our world.


Exploring our world takes on so many forms around here. We go on “hikes” through our park. We appreciate and learn about the different colors in the sky, and we ask A LOT of questions.

My favorite types of cultural learning, though, always revolve around…food. Obviously. So, when my mother brought us a talking smart globe from America we created a new weekly tradition.

Every week we choose one country to learn all about. Where its located, their currency, population, politics, and culture. We then pick one night of that week to make a dinner based on their cuisine. It is a win-win for everyone. I get to have fun experimenting with cooking new foods while getting my little peas to try foods they would normally run away from and the kids have blast examining, smelling, touching and (hopefully) eating their way around the world.


To kick off the start of my weekly Kitchen Destination section, it only seems right to start in Israel. So this weeks dinner is a house favorite around here and best of all everyone eats it (including Mr. Pea, which is no easy feat!).

To see some of the fun facts we learned about Israel click here.

Shawarma Salad with everything!

Shawarma Salad Recipe

Techina Recipe

Hope you enjoy, peas out!




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