Meatball Sub with Jalepeno and Caramelized Onions


In my house we eat chopped meat at least two or three times a week. i know that sounds like a lot so, I’m gonna break it down for you. My boys are meat and potato kind of people. Only the don’t like potatoes. So that literally leaves me with only protein. In a way, it makes my life much easier because, I don’t have to bother with annoying side dishes, but, coming with different proteins every night gets old really quickly.


To keep things interesting, and also for the sake of making only one dinner that can feed both my children AND my husband (what? you can get away with only making one dinner a night? YUP. I can) I’ve come up with a few recipes that I can, sort of, spruce up to become an adult meal. So the meatballs that my kids eat for dinner, get turned into this crazy awesome meatball sub for husband.

The meatballs themselves are seriously amazing. They are bursting with flavor and pair perfectly with the tomatoey goodness that is real Italian gravy. You could easily serve these with a plate of spaghetti and they would still be the best thing on the table. But, if you love your husband if you want to rock dinner, make these subs and serve them with an ice cold beer.

We are toppings people. You know what I mean. The type of people that need to put a million sauces and condiments in every sandwich, burger, salad, and wrap. This is how I make my subs, because we eat super spicy food around here, but you add whatever veggies, sauces or topping float your boat and just enjoy!

For Printable Italian Meatball recipe, click here

For Printable Meatball Sub recipe, click here


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