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Eight years ago, motzei Rosh Hashanna, my husband and I moved to Israel. I was seven months pregnant with Little pea #1 and only slightly smaller than the largest whale in existence. With in a few days of settling in, it was time for me to head out to the supermarket to stock our fridge. By the grace of G-d, I didn’t have to worry about cooking for Succos because my parents and my n’laws were coming for the holiday. Hashem, I still thank you everyday for sending me both sets of parents at the same time(and anyone that has moved to Israel knows that by thank you what i really mean is “AAAAAAAH”).

Now I’m standing in a supermarket in a foreign country and I feel completely lost. I don’t understand half the labels, the way the aisles are set up doesn’t make any sense and a huge wave of anxiety washes over me. I don’t feel comfortable enough in my hebrew to ask for help so I basically wander around for half an hour and then go home with the few basic items that I could figure out how to buy.

Standing in front of the refrigerator I put away my 1% milk (because I couldn’t find any skim and didn’t realize at the time that there is NO SKIM MILK here!?!?!), some yogurts that have the fruit on top instead of on the bottom, instant coffee and some crackers when I realize that I must do something about this. If I’m going to live here and build a Jewish home I need to understand hebrew, or at the very least, the hebrew words that relate to food. So, that night I got work.

I began my epic journey of compiling all the food and food related words I could think of into list and started translating them. So, in honor of my first post, here is a gift to the world, my extensive hebrew/english culinary dictionary.

To see the dictionary translate from English to Hebrew click here

To see the dictionary translate from Hebrew to English click here

To all those out there who are moving here, I hope it helps, and to those who have not yet come…well, it’s one less thing stopping you!

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