Chicken with Artichokes

chicken artishoke

I think it’s pretty clear from all of my instagram posts that most of my summertime cooking is strictly limited to foods I can cook on a barbecue. Since I live in a desert (Israel), there is almost never any summertime rain to interrupt my plans. However, unless your like my mother,who drags her barbecue up to the kitchen doors so she can grill right through the rain (or live in a desert), it’s always good to have a few quick, easy and satisfying chicken dishes that can be made indoors.

chicken artishoke_002

This dish is perfect. Truth is, its so good, it’s really not limited to a summertime dinner. I’m not a huge recipe repeater, but I probably make some sort of variation of this dish at least once a month. It’s really, really good. It’s also the kind of dish where I basically always have the ingredients in my house. Oh, and did mention, it’s AMAZING.

chicken artishoke_004

This dish takes almost no time to prepare and cook, because even through there a few steps, a bunch of them overlap to keep things moving quickly. I don’t always love to have heavy protein dinners after a long hot day, but am definitely always up for a good satisfying meal. The chicken helps meet my lean protein needs, and the acidity from the lemons and the artichokes keep very light and summery. 

chicken artishoke_009

Even though it’s the summer and you can find artichokes everywhere right now (besides Israel), I use frozen artichoke hearts. For sure using fresh would be ideal, but when I eat this I like to get a piece of artichoke in every single bite  of food I take and there is no way I am going to turn and clean 10-15 artichokes, just to sauté and bake them. I will say though, that I am extremely anti the canned artichoke route that some of you may be tempted to take. Yes they’re cheaper, and take up less space in your house, and yes, there are some canned goods that I’m ok with using, BUT, artichokes is not one of them. They are tinny, weirdly acidic, and just gross. So, please, go out and buy a few bags of frozen artichokes. Throw them in your freezer and just leave them there for a rainy day.

chicken artishoke_011

I really change up this dish a lot, but wanted to give you the basic recipe I work off of. I sometimes like to add capers, fresh parsley, asparagus (my personal fav), or even replace the artichoke with broccoli. The possibilities are really endless once you have the basic method down. I also like to use spelt flour to dust my chicken in, instead of white flour so definitely play around with this to make it perfect for your family. 

chicken artishoke_016

For the printable recipe click here

Hope you all enjoy

peas out, Danielle




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