When a dish makes your house smell so intoxicatingly, off the charts good, that all the little hands run over and it is actually difficult to take the picture because they refuse to step away from the source of that scent you know you’ve struck recipe gold! 

I was soooo hopeful when I dreamed up this dish  in my head. I woke up Friday morning omg knowing exactly what I wanted and I could already taste it!!!! Friday night, when I took that first bite, and my warm, comforting, apple and and granola dream came to life I was sooooo happy. 

Not to mention, it took actual minutes to prepare. Coring the apple took a second each, and because the “granola” is made with oil, it was soooo simple to throw together. 

In fact, this shabbos, when we make these again, I’m passing the job on to one of the little people! 

Also, it has apples. And oats. So that’s bari enough for #chodeshbari shabbos right!?!

For the printable Granola Stuffed Apples recipe click here



Meat sauce should be all about the meat. It should have deep, rich beef-y flavor that is so delicious and mildly addictive that technically you could eat it all by itself with just a spoon. 

Like any good sauce based food though, it needs to flavorful enough so that the taste totally stands out when eaten with a some good baguette, over past, rice or even zoodles. 

That is what this meat sauce is about. Flavor, texture and taste. 

I can’t take the credit it bc I learned how to make meat sauce from the my mother, who taught me all about not overworking the meat and teaching me the  joys of a textured sauce! 

So thanks mom! 

Make sure to double the recipe, bc meat sauce freezes amazing, is loved by all and can help you on a busy when you need a fast dinner! 

For the printable Meat Sauce recipe click here







Theres nothing like fresh food. 

There’s also nothing like a day where you ran a million errands, got a flat tire that took an hour to fix, received a phone call that you left your credit card in one fo the stores you went into on your million errand run so you have to go back to said store and sit in the random 2:00 pm traffic again, to finally get home and remember that the little people who co-inhabit your home will somehow need to be fed. 

These are precisely the times having premarinated chicken in your freezer saves the day. 

Is it really so hard to throw some sauce on chicken and stick it in the oven?

No. It’s not. 

But, when you have so many other thing goings on, whether its a full work schedule, a busy week of holiday preparations or just a regular Wednesday (why are Wednesdays always so crazy?), it’s nice to know you can have a yummy home made meal with out getting a single dish dirty!

That’s right. You prep all these chicken when they’re fresh, freeze them in the marinade and then all you have to do is cook em up! It could not be simpler. 

Well, I guess you actually could cook them first then freeze them, but really, I don’t recommend that. There something about cooked frozen chicken that just isn’t right. Maybe it’s the texture, Maybe its in the reheating process, whatever it is, it’s just not ideal. Sticking something in the oven , when everything is already chopped, mixed and cleaned is so easy that  why not cook it fresh. Also, then its fresh. And hot out of the oven chicken, is always a crowd pleaser. 

So, I’ve put together 10 different recipes for you, together in one place, just to maker your life easier. I figure with ten recipes theres definitely a few out there for each of you. This way you could take 1 hour (yup, you can marinade all ten of these in less than hour)on a Sunday and be set for the next month!

A note about freezing:

I like to freeze these in ziplock bags. I squeeze out as much air as possible from the bags and somehow I think this helps the marinade really penetrate the chicken and and a whole extra burst of flavor. I also like to lay the ziplock bags flat into a 9×13 pan in the freeze sxo that during the freezer process if theres any drips I can just throw out the pan. Once all the chicken is frozen I remove the pan and stand my ziplock up vertically. This way I can always see what I have, its easy to take out and takes up way less space in the freezer to save room for things that are really important. Like ice cream. 

Also, please not that you can change up the cuts of chicken I use to reflect cuts that your family likes. 

Hope this helps you all this holiday season and all your long!

Happy freezer stocking!



  1. For the printable Apricot Soy Chicken marinade recipe click here
  2. For the printable Sticky Buffalo Bbq Chicken marinade recipe click here
  3. For the printable Moroccan-ish Olive Chicken marinade recipe click here
  4. For the printable Caesar Chicken marinade recipe click here
  5. For the printable Scallion Lime Chicken Cutlet marinade recipe click here
  6. For the printable Harissa Lemon Olive Chicken  marinade recipe click here
  7. For the printable Fig and Balsamic Chicken marinaderecipe click here
  8. For the printable Lemon Herb Chicken marinade recipe click here
  9. For the printable Pomegranate Teriyaki Chicken marinade recipe click here
  10. For the printable Chili Garlic Chicken marinade recipe click here





I love a good piece of meat. Lately I’ve been especially liking my meat to have as much meaty flavor, texture and scent as possible. That means no more over sweetened pulled beef, sweet ribs or sweet anything for that matter. I want a piece of uber savory meat that I can sink my teeth into. 

That is what this brisket is all about. It’s a dry rub with no sugar, that is balanced out by the addition of wine to add a layered of sweetness that is perfectly balanced with the natural acidities that wine posses. 

Since these holidays are crazy, I’ve been trying to cut out as many cooking steps as humanly possible. So, for this brisket (or deckle), I skipped the searing and just started it off in the oven uncovered to help create a nice crust. 

It’s easy to make, uses simple ingredients and tastes extremely savory and satisfying!

For the printable Very Savory Dry Rub Brisket recipe click here



Sometime, a picture just says it all.

Texture, color, taste… They’re all there. 

The recipe is big because one serving of this salad will never be enough. There’s even dressing to make a half batch of salad next week, when you can’t get these flavors out of your head.

You’re welcome. 

Also, because I know you love links, click here to buy the julienne peeler I use on amazon!

For the printable Spiralized Zucchini Salad recipe click here




I’m that person. You know, the one pretending to go wash my hands in a restaurant so that I can not so subtly look at whats on everyones tables. Or the one who walks by people sitting at a sidewalk table outside of a little pastaria in Italy and asks them what their eating because the smell coming off there table is so intoxicating that I just can’t resist. 

I’m Danielle, I love food. Nice to meet you. 

 We were lucky enough to spend this past in southern Italy with Miriam Schreiber on one of her legendary Legacy Tours trips. My children had the most amazing time touring ancient cities, volcanoes and roman ruins. I had the most amazing time staring at peoples plates. Every where we went there were little hole-in-wall restaurants/cafes serving the most simple looking, but ridiculously incredible smelling food. Obviously I had to stop and ask every single table of patrons we passed and ask them what they were eating. 

There were a few dishes that stood out in my mind that I knew I had to recreate. I had to wait for the perfect opportunity though to spring these recipes on you all. Some are a little too labor intensive for a regular dairy week night dinner. But, for Shavuous, a holiday that we are willing to go the extra step for to create a beautiful dairy kiddish or meal, is the perfect opportunity! 

You’ll have to wait a little longer for a few of the other dishes that MUST be recreated, but I wanted to start you off with a BANG. 

These olives were on sooooo many peoples tables. Usually, served as a small appetizer over a fresh, house made tomato sauce that was probably made from San Marzano tomatoes pick the day before!

We may not have fresh San Marzano tomatoes but we all have access to cheese, olives and breadcrumbs!

Do not miss the chance to make these olives. This is definitely not a recipe that you’ll try later.. You need to make these while the shavuous cooking feels are in the air! They take a few extra minutes to make but I included prep ahead instructions into the recipes!

Also, because I was so obsessed with them, and genuinely could not decided which h version of the olives I liked more (the green mozzarella stuffed or the kalamata labaneh stuffed), I included both recipes! I even included 2 different ways you can serve them! 

Oh, and BONUS, another awesome salad dressing!

Wishing you all a Happy Monday and of course, HAPPY COOKING!

✌🏻💜 & 🥕,



For the printable LABANE STUFFED FRIED KALAMTA OLIVES click here


For the printable BALSAMIC AND SHALLOT VINAIGRETTE click here



Seder food can be a challenge. It’s not easy to work hard to make food that you know will end ups mostly being served as leftovers. By the time it comes time to eat the meal, everyone is so stuffed up on matzah that after they gulp down their chicken soup everyones appetites have seriously decreased. 

So, I like to make food that reheats well, since thats where most oil the food is headed. Brisket is the perfect candidate for that. It’s naturally fatty which protects the meat from drying out.

This version is something I developed for the seder since it is cooked totally in a pot. Nothing roasted at all! For me, this is all I want at the seder. Something deeply savory to balance out all the wine!

It’s super simple to make and reallllly delicious! Plus, the leftovers are amazing! Just reheat covered and serve again over fresh creamy mashed potatoes! 

Happy cooking everyone!

For the printable Savory Stovetop Brisket click here



Here it is, my first most basic list of things to do in and right around Jerusalem. I hope to continue adding to this list, but for now just wanted to get this information out to you. Keep checking back for updates!

Also, please note, that although we have done many other activities in Jerusalem these are my favorites so far. I Weill not post anything on this list that we did not absolutely love!








Rechov Haroe 43, Ramat Gan


By appointment only

Sun-Thurs 2:00 pm – 8:00 pm

Fri- 9:00 am – 3:00 pm

What is LOL AND POP?

Lop and Pop is custom candy shop owned by two pastry chefs who happen to be recent Ukranian immigrants, Igor and Katerina. 

They run hands on candy making workshops. The workshop begins with boiling the sugar and ends in a delicious variety of different shaped, customizable candies. 

Their candies are made with the best quality natural ingredients and besides being beautiful are also really delicious! 

We went with my three big kids (ages 6-9) and all five had a blast. Even Eli and I couldn’t hold back from playing with the candy. 

The workshop is fun, interactive, informative and obviously yummy!

You do need to book an appointment with them before going. You have an option to drive to Ramat Gan which can take around hour, give or take Israeli traffic, or you they will pack up and come to you! 

They also do workshops for parties, big and small and make custom candies for events, care packages, and parties.







Givat ha-Takhmoshet, Jerusalem

(Ammunition Hill)


By appointment only


What is the Jerusalem Ropes Course?

The Jerusalem is a series of climbing and swinging activities set up around ammunition hill. There are rope ladders, ropes that pull you up and then swing you down, tight walking ropes and of course zip lining. We brought ten kids with us ages 4-8 and all of us had a great time. It took us about two hours to get through the course and at no point did we feel bored. The kids were happy, and the guide they randomly assigned us to take us through the course was phenomenal with them. He was patient with the children that were slightly nervous and excited and cheerful at every child’s turn.

What eli and I liked best, besides the fact that we spent the money to bring the kids their and it was a success (because we all know what the alternative is), is that it is in Jerusalem, easy to get to, parking was a breeze and we didn’t waste our whole day. It’s the perfect activity for an ere yuntif, or a day where you still want time to get other things done!







Leave from the HOTEL YEHUDA

Rechov Chaim Kulitz

Givat Masu’a


By appointment only


What is Jerusalem Hills Atv?

Its an off road ATV/Jeeping adventure in and around the hills of Jerusalem. It is very local, across form the mall, and actually a hidden treasure of an activity. We took everyone with us, plus a few extras (ages 1&1/2 – 30 something??), and ALL of us had a blast. The scenery was breathtaking and so enlightening. It is one thing to know that Jerusalem is built on a series of hill but to actually drive through them and see them laid out before us was just spectacular. 

What do I wish I had known before going?

DO NOT WEAR A SHEITEL. Actually, do not wear anything that you don’t want to wash. Lets just say that my dark brown sheitel looked like the color of, well, dirt, blonde dirt. And our clothes resembled potato sack like garments that people may have worn in biblical times. 

Dont get me wrong, all this dirtiness was a HUGE bonus for every child involved, I may had worn a tichel and sneakers had I been warned!

In fact, it was so beautiful and so fun that is actually an activity we plan to do again!







Meeting point: The bridge in between the Herzel Museum and the Mount Zion Hotel



By reservation only


What is snappeling?

Actually, I’m not exactly sure what the difference between snappeling and rappelling is, but I don’t really think it matters. All you need to know is that you are attached to two, very sturdy ropes via a secure harness and you lay your body back side down over what feels like the tallest mountain in the world (fear not, it is in fact not even close to that), and proceed to walk down the mountain all why looking up at the beautiful blue skies that envelope the old city. Did I slightly romanticize what it feels like to hurl yourself over a mountain? Yes I did. 

Why, you ask?

Because in reality that first moment of getting over the mountain is incredibly terrifying. However, Once you take that first step and you feel the security of the rope, all the fear melts away and you can focus on how cool you are because youre currently rappelling off the hills of Jerusalem. 

I took 5 kids with me, ages 6-9 and not only did they all love it, but they each did it a second time. Had I let, they would have stayed there forever. Or at least until dinnertime. 

The guide that brings you is incredibly sweet and patient and we all felt very safe in his hands. For kids that are too afraid or two young, you can actually go down in pairs. It is not a typical activity, but I promise it is one all of you will remember for a long time!







Genesis Land

Yishuv Ayalon


BY appointment only

What is Eretz Bereishit?

Its a step back in time to the days of Avraham, Yitzchok and Yaakov. The adventure starts with changing into the “appropriate” attire and mounting a camel for a ride down the curvy hill. Aside from your cell phone, which you probably need for pictures, from that point on, there is very little else to remind you of what era we are actually living in. From sitting on mats in tents, to writing on parchment to baking pitas with out conventional equipment it is a fun and informative activity for children and adults. 

Because Eretz Bereishit is anyway a two minute drive from Nahal Prat we always end our day at the Nahal. See the next activity for info.






Two minutes past the right turn into Peretz berieshit. 

Park anywhere on the mountain. You will see cars parked on the side as well. 



What its Nahal Prat?

Nahal Prat is one of our favorite “hikes” in Israel. When I first told my kids that I was putting together this post, they couldn’t decide on whether everyone needs to know about this, or if we should keep this hidden gem a secret so that it never gets overcrowded! Lucky for you, we decided to share!

Aside from the 1 minute walk down a very steep hill to begin the water trail, the entire walk is flat. 


I know, flat land in Israel is a parents dream. There is a few mile stream with small waterfalls sprinkled on the edges every once in a while through the beautiful valleys surrounding Jerusalem. 

A lot of the walk is shaded by overgrown bushes that create an arch of some sort shielding you from the sun. 

We have seen deer up on the mountains on top of us and thew smell of fresh lavender growing all around the stream perfumes the air in the most satisfying way. 

Since it only takes 35 minutes to drive their this is one of our favorite activities. It’s close by, gets us moving, involves getting wet (which is a huge bonus for us), and is really beautiful. 




The center of Jerusalem, between Rechov Yaffo and Rechov Aggripas


Daytime shopping roaming and eating 9:00am – 6/7:00pm

Nighttime eating, bar hopping 9/10:00pm -……

What is the shuk?

The shuk is the central outdoor market place in Jerusalem. It is comprised of two main streets, with alleyways that snake all through out it. Over the years the shuk has grown to also include the surrounding streets and neighborhood. 

Over the last 5 years the shuk has had a renaissance of sorts. The technical infrastructure was and still is undergoing a complete overhaul by the Jerusalem Municipality. This means, more electricity, better plumbing and drainage and most importantly room for restaurant growth. 

The number of street food vendors that have opened around the shuk is not measurable simply because there are new places opening daily. 

Aside from having the selling produce, the freshest fish and the yummiest delicacies the shuk has become a local and tourist designation. 

Its a place to go whether you have a shopping list or not. You can wonder endlessly up and down through the aisles, taking in all the smells, colors and sounds or you can treat yourself to a tasting tour. Just keep your eyes peeled as your walking and every few steps you go you’ll find something to taste. 

From day to night the shuk goes through a complete transformation. It starts out as a housewife, kid friendly, friend lunching area to a giant millennial after party. All the vendors are closed, aside from restaurant proprietors and bars. The beer scene is booming which means hundreds of different beers to choose from and taste. Even if you are not a drinker it is fun to just walk around. 

Whether you go day or night, you should definitely go. It is my absolute most favorite place in the whole city!







Derech Aharon Shulov 1, Jerusalem


Sun-Thurs 9:00am – 6:00 pm

Fri 9:00am – 4:30pm





Rechov David Remez 4, Jerusalem


Because of the variety and constant change in attractions (restaurants, concerts, festivals, fairs, children activities) there it is best to look upon specific hours on their website.





Derech Rupin 11, Jerusalem


Sun-Mon & Wed-Thurs – 10:00am – 5:00pm

Tues- 4:00pm – 9:00pm

Friday- 10:00am – 5:00pm





Sderot HaMuze’onim 3, Jerusalem


Mon-Thurs 10:00am – 6:00pm

Fri-10:00am – 2:00pm