No-churn Chocolate Lovers Ice Cream Sandwiches


Did you hear me?



This dessert is all about the chocolate. Its a super incredible chocolate ice cream base, laced with the most amazing, chewy, chocolatey, chocolate chocolate chip cookie dough, slated condensed milk caramel and fluff. Then, because no matter what yo mamma told you, too much of a good thing is really never enough, all that chocolate goodness gets sandwich between to perfect layers of buttery chocolate brownies. 

I’m assuming that by now you have stopped reading because you just couldn’t take another second of the torture that is not eating this. So, you skipped all this reading and scrolled down to the recipe. If thats the case, good. If not I’m guessing that means you don’t like chocolate (because if you do, you would not need any more convincing). So to all the super boring cool vanilla lovers out there (ahem, eli), don’t worry I got you covered. 

The whole concept of this ice cream, mixing in sweetened condensed milk into whipped heavy cream, is so versatile and easy to use that it can be altered to fit all your dessert needs. It is NOT exclusive to chocolate ice cream. In fact, I have included so many variations to the base and topping of this ice cream in the recipe! Everything from a strawberry cookie dough to peaches n cream, to a pretzel and caramel are all represented.

O.k. lets dress the elephant in the room now. This recipe requires a few steps.

  1. Make Sweetened Condensed Milk
  2. Make Salted Condensed Milk caramel (which, fyi, happens to be way easier than making regular caramel)
  3. Make cookie dough
  4. Make brownies
  5. Make ice cream
  6. Assemble sandwiches 

Like I said, a few steps. But, I am not sorry. Why? Make the dessert and you will find out. 



     Also, if you don’t need cholov Yisroel milk then it is very very easy to find kosher sweetened condensed milk and you can easily skip the first step. And truthfully, as fun as ice scream sandwiches are, I stand by this ice cream so proudly, that I would say, even if you serve the ice cream by itself, with na simple bowl and spoon, it will still be the best dessert you have ever made. 

So, how ever you do it, in what ever form, or flavor I strongly urge you to include this in any dairy menus you have planned. And, if you choose to skip any real food in favor of just having a bowl of this ice cream as your meal, that too, will be completely understood (and maybe even admired!).

For the printable Homemade Sweetened Condensed Milk recipe click here

For the printable Salted Condensed Milk Caramel click here

For the printable Chocolate Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough recipe click here

For the printable Sheet Pan Brownies recipe ( click here

For the printable No-churn Chocolate Lovers Ice cream Sandwiches recipe click here



Bourbon Caramel Apple Pull Apart Loaf with a Honey Glaze


Am I the only person who has been through an insane amount of flour already, this holiday season?

Oh wait, whats that?

The holidays didn’t even start yet? Oh I didn’t realize. Because when every holiday starts on a Sunday, the day after shabbos, you need to start cooking a month in advance. So, in my house, it’s been erev Rosh Hashana for the past two weeks. And first on my to do list, challah.

Why start with challah?

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Pumpkin Pie Babka with Lotus Spread Crumbs


What do you get when you cross the fall with jewish holidays? Pumpkin pie babka. Duh. Its the perfect marriage between the warming spices in a pumpkin pie and the sweet yeasty babka dough. 


Lets be real, though, for a minute. Most regular pumpkin pies are pretty gross. They usually end up resembling something closer to a baby food pie than anything else. The only good pumpkin pies are the ones that basically don’t look like pumpkin pie at all. They’re topped with mile high mounds of sweet crunchy pecans, crumbled ginger bread cookies or mountains of whipped cream. The soft but not smooth texture of a plain ol’ pumpkin pie just doesn’t cut it. 

The flavors of a pumpkin pie, on the other hand, are AMAZING. Have you ever noticed that every single food in the supermarket that could be turned into pumpkin pie flavor, comes out in the fall? From Oreos to lattes, jello to teas, and energy bars to granola you can basically buy a pumpkin pie in any form.


So, what do you do when you want to make your own pumpkin pie to serve at the end of your amazing holiday meals? Do you just buy a pack of pumpkin spice oreos and call it a day, or do you serve a mushy baby food version of pumpkin pie?

No way!!!!!!!!!

You take a piece of your challah dough (or you buy a pre-made dough), and you roll up your pumpkin pie into the most comforting of desserts. A huge yummy, warm babka. Then, as if babka-fying your pumpkin pie wasn’t enough, you then decide to up your game a little more and take it over the top with a lotus cookie spread crumb. Now every bite of your pumpkin pie babka is accompanied by the most delicious crumb topping that is laced with the deep dark buttery (but not dairy) caramel-y flavors of the lotus biscoff cookies.

So, this holiday season, that falls out in the depths of apple picking and pumpkin eating season, change things up a little and  turn your pie into a babka!

For the printable Pumpkin Pie Babka recipe, click here.