Bourbon Caramel Apple Pull Apart Loaf with a Honey Glaze


Am I the only person who has been through an insane amount of flour already, this holiday season?

Oh wait, whats that?

The holidays didn’t even start yet? Oh I didn’t realize. Because when every holiday starts on a Sunday, the day after shabbos, you need to start cooking a month in advance. So, in my house, it’s been erev Rosh Hashana for the past two weeks. And first on my to do list, challah.

Why start with challah?

  1. I can’t cook all my meat and side dishes fresh on Sunday if my ovens are being occupied by challah
  2. For a holiday with 4 meals, I need at least 8 challahs, which is more than one batch of dough
  3. If I have to make the challah in advance anyway (see above reasons), I might as well do it when my kids are in school, and my kitchen hasn’t yet turned into a disaster zone.
  4. Of all the freezer-friendly foods out there, challah is at the top of the list. If you do it right, no one will ever know (unless you start a blog, then everyone will know).
  5. Because you can use your dough to make other things besides make challah! Thats right, its a multi-purpose dough!

So, what better way to bring in the season of apples and honey than with the best apple loaf ever!

                         img_5513 img_5516

                         img_5509 img_5512      

It wasn’t easy coming up with a way to keep the apples from making the dough soggy. After trying a few different techniques, I came up with this method of removing the apples from the juices they release.

But wait, oh no!

There was a deep golden, caramel color, liquid on the bottom of the pot that was just going to go to waste. Obviously, I could NOT let that happen. Thats when it hit me, CARAMEL. 


                        img_5522 img_5521

                        img_5527 img_5534



It was the prefect solution. It added and extra dimension of flavor, and it kept the apples from soggifying the bread. 

                        img_5593 img_5597

                        img_5600 img_5615

Then like all good cakes/loafs, it needed a glaze. What else do you pair apples with this time of year besides honey? So, that was an obvious but delicious choice. 


This loaf is so good and looks so beautiful. I really hope you all get to make it this very long and hectic holiday season. But if not, its really good all year long!

Enjoy and happy cooking

Peas Out,


For the printable Bourbon Caramel Apple Pull Apart Loaf with a Honey Glaze click here




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